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“I went on the show to promote my businesses, not to engage in fights.” — Toyin Lawani

“I went on the show to promote my businesses, not to engage in fights.” — Toyin Lawani

Jul 7, 2023

The serial entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, shares with Chude her decision to promote her brand on the Real Housewives of Lagos show without engaging in fights. In her own words:

“I don’t regret doing the show because if you watch it, you would realize I sold my brand. I was there for my brand. She was always either saying I’m wearing something inappropriate or coming after me, saying, ‘Toyin is wearing something inappropriate.’ You can never find me on the show talking negatively or talking down to people.

I would never put anybody down; she was always doing it. She continuously made negative comments about my outfits, but I didn’t go on the show to talk about her. I went to promote my business. Although they only showed my styling at that time, they did not show my real estate ventures, building houses for people, creating homes, my furnishing work, my spa, my skincare products, or my skincare factory. There are so many things to show, and I didn’t go on the show to fight. No, I went on the show to sell myself. I was extremely focused on the goal.

Even at the end of the show, when a few things happened and she had a fight with her friend Caroline, she came to us and started telling us the bad things Caroline said about us. ‘Caroline said you do jazz,’ she even told me Caroline said things about my husband.

You know there are a lot of things we say on the show that they don’t show. They cut out certain parts, and I’m like, if you’re going to have me on the show and cut me out, at least make it make sense.”

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