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“Doctor said I had cyst in my brain, and I had to undergo a spine surgery.”— Toyin Lawani

“Doctor said I had cyst in my brain, and I had to undergo a spine surgery.”— Toyin Lawani

Jul 7, 2023

I lost the pregnancy I was carrying during the Real Wife of Lagos reunion. I can’t say I feel relieved but I felt a weight left because the pregnancy was still young and I was very worried. The age gap between my children is always long. My son is 8 and my daughter is 17 years and truly having a child is not cheap. With this kind of lifestyle that I live, having a child is not easy. I don’t have anyone paying my bills and that made me work overnight to pay them and live the life that I live.

So, when you see me in first class, that my bills and my hard work talking. 

It’s painful because every child deserves to come to this world but at the same time I felt the time was not right. Coupled with the fact that I was panicking and worried I still didn’t want to get rid of the child. 

I was bleeding nonstop for a while. Then after the reunion, I think the following day I was traumatized. There were so many things I didn’t want to say to people because I felt that even if were no longer friends I should still keep the memory or their secret safe. I think that’s friendship. Even when they fight me, I tell myself, no, I won’t go there with you because there was a time I loved you.  

I realized what the whole thing was about and the things they said to people about me made me sad. I was depressed for almost three weeks. My husband was there for me and he helped me get out of the feeling all the time. I couldn’t even go to work or eat during this period. I think that affected the baby because I started bleeding all through. I didn’t think it was a big deal because, for my previous pregnancies, I bled throughout and I always talk about it online. I actually thought it was because of the fibroid. 

The day went by and I was having a persistent headache. I went for MRI and the doctor told me I have a cyst in my brain and I have to take out the baby. The doctor told me I have to get spine surgery immediately and I will be confined to a wheelchair for two months.

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