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“Despite being expensive, I didn’t feel welcomed in Seychelles.” —Tayo Aina.

“Despite being expensive, I didn’t feel welcomed in Seychelles.” —Tayo Aina.

Oct 6, 2023

Today’s conversation with Tayo Aina, the seasoned YouTuber, explained how Seychelles is so expensive and how hard it was to get value for his money.

Tayo is known for creating visual stories, and his trip to Seychelles was supposed to be one of those trips that could translate into an educative and enjoyable African content. But to our surprise Tayo declared his displeasure during his travel to Seychelles. He said he spent a tone of money which was supposed to amount to at least a premium experience in the country, but he was disappointed at almost everything.

Tayo says, the hotel booking cost 200 dollars and was far from looking like one. He also shared his conversation with the driver who took them from the airport, where he talked about getting more tipping from other airline passengers and not the one he boarded.

Tayo Aina has promised to create a beautiful story from this trip, but for now, he wouldn’t say he enjoyed his trip to Seychelles.


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