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“Bright Okpocha ‘Basket Mouth’ said to me; I’m a beast I don’t forgive.” — AY Comedian Tells it all.

“Bright Okpocha ‘Basket Mouth’ said to me; I’m a beast I don’t forgive.” — AY Comedian Tells it all.

Oct 9, 2023

The unforgivable fight between Ayo ‘AY Comedian’ Makun and Bright ‘Basketmouth’ Okpocha has taken its turn to the media when AY Comedian explained his own side of the story.

Remember when Basket mouth was having his wedding AY comedian says he got denied entry into the wedding venue.

Despite the tone of peace that the two comedians seem to show on social media, AY Makun says he was shocked to have been refused entry to Basket mouth’s wedding.

He had to leave the wedding immediately with his wife. They both left the venue disappointed and shocked at the unexplainable character of Basket mouth.

AY Makun shares on #WithChude

“Do you know that I attended Basket Mouth’s wedding when all these things were going on at the time, I was at the wedding, they looked at the list of guests, wife’s name was on the list, my name no dey list. I wasn’t qualified to enter the wedding.

“I was looking at my wife, my wife dey look her husband and she was like okay, let’s be going home since you no qualify to enter.

“So quite a lot happened. So when you keep quiet and you don’t say anything; the only time I will now address it with that tweet, everybody came for me. Nobody knows what and what I have been going through.

“It’s so bad that, sometimes, my name will be removed from an event: ‘If AY is in, I’m not in’.
Basket will be at an event, maybe AY is on the Bill, he won’t introduce me if he’s the MC. I will just go and pick my mic on the floor and go and do my thing. It was that bad.

“But I never gave up. Every opportunity – maybe the wife gives birth, I’d go with my own wife or maybe something is going on – I kept doing everything.

“Long story short, one day Basket was in the club with a glass of drink so I walked up to my guy. I said: ‘Bright Okpocha. (He’s my senior colleague but my junior in real life), how far my guy.’

“So we got talking. So I said to my friend, ‘You see God has blessed us. You have a house in Lekki, I have a house. You have a child, I have a child, God has blessed us. This thing that happened in 2006, guy drop am.’

“And my dear colleague looked at me eye ball to eye ball and said: ‘I’m a beast, I don’t forgive.”

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