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“Who was Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Search for State Funding For?” — Olusegun Obasanjo

“Who was Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Search for State Funding For?” — Olusegun Obasanjo

Jun 18, 2023

Chude: President Bola Tinubu said when he was Governor of Lagos state (he has said this many times) that you frustrated his attempt at revenue (generation) and tried to cripple the Lagos (economy).

Baba: That’s absolute nonsense, No. I go by constitution. The constitution of Nigeria which is also enshrined recognized local government and then, for me to release funds to local governments, it has to be on the basis of 20 local governments. When you then add is it 37 or 27…whatever…to that. For me to be able to act constitutionally, the constitution of Nigeria had to change. For as long as that constitution did not change, then acting along not 20 local governments but 57 local governments is unconstitutional. So if he doesnt know that, then he doesn’t know anything.

Chude: But what do you say to that cha…

Baba: (intercepts) Soooo is that one that made him to have AlphaBeta?

Chude: (laughs) Right, so..

Baba: You didn’t answer that.

Chude: Yes Sir, it’s a question for President Tinubu to answer.

Baba: It’s because you said he then went to look for alternative funding. Alternative funding for who? for the state or for himself or for the state AND himself? That’s why I dropped that. It’s because you bring it up. I don'”t talk about the private life, I think the character matters to me.

Chude: You obviously think he’s not a person of good character and you said that in your letter. He’s now our President. Do you still think that and do you think he will succeed?

Baba: No, I won’t comment on that.

Chude: Right: Because you mentioned his character that’s why I wanted to ask.. do you still stand on what you said in the letter about his character?

Baba: No, you go and read. Read what I have written in my letters or in my book.

Big thanks to my co-executive producer on this episode, the incredible ‘Yemi Adamolekun.

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