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Timi Dakolo finally Talks about why His wife, Busola Shared Her Truth on how She was raped.

Timi Dakolo finally Talks about why His wife, Busola Shared Her Truth on how She was raped.

Sep 23, 2023

Busola and Timi Dakolo’s story has been such an inspirational one – Not only to the world, but even to me. Timi, the Nigerian exceptionally talented singer, songwriter, and music producer has carved an indelible mark on the music scene, captivating hearts and souls with his soulful melodies and poignant lyrics.

He gave me this amazing interview and he shared why he stood firmly by his wife, Busola; who gave me a bomb interview at the beginning of this show two years ago.

Timi says, he couldn’t stand the truth being withheld and so he forced his wife to do the interview on #WithChude. This has been liberating for them and has made her bloom into the woman she desires. Beyond inspiring their children, Busola’s story truly inspired me and many others across the world.

Timi Dakolo sits #WithChude
Timi Dakolo Reveals why Busola shared Her story.

In the conversation with Timi on #WithChude:

Truth is very powerful, bend it, mold it, crack it, drown it, truth is truth and if not you, who?
And for the fact that, within the whispers of the society, I’ll be hearing that, ‘this thing still dey happen o’. Make we no dey cover bad thing. If we do, we will be part of the problem. People will say, ‘Ah, your life’ and I’d say, Uncle, they’ve shot me before and I did not die, I don dey inside car, car tumble (I have been in a car accident), I be Port Harcourt boy, if the day wey e go end, e go end (when the time for death comes, it will come). When you were saying for better for worse, this is the for worse part. Nobody envisions the for worse part of ‘for better, for worse’, so this was it.

Like Busola had certain things I did not get at first. She doesn’t like someone just touching her from the back. She can go inside the room happy and come out angry. I was saying to her, tell me this things. When she now told me – The Essay story; then I was now putting two and two together. The burden did not leave my heart, it didn’t. They said, they will fight you, I said, trust me, I grew up in church, I have seen it all. I used to create scenarios in my head on how everything can play out. I said, see, leave social media, everybody go talk wetin them go talk, but once you have said the truth. No matter how you try to hide truth. You have said it… it will stay there and it will be in the subconscious of human beings and again, awareness is victory. I used to prep her, I’ll say, ‘you want to cry today? Cry…when you finish, you’ll bathe and continue this fight. We’re fighting it. We no dey go anywhere.

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