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“There are certain lines in this book that are extremely incredible!” —Chude

“There are certain lines in this book that are extremely incredible!” —Chude

Jun 21, 2023

I swear to you in my life, I’m a 37-year-old man, this is a universal experience question, I’ve been in a relationship with a person who for the first time I don’t want the person to see me. I’ve not killed anybody, I’ve not committed any crimes but no I didn’t want. I just thought ah did you just describe that? I didn’t understand where that was coming from. Well, you’re not a bad person now. There is too much messiness and complexity and all of that in the past that I’ve walked through and I just want all of these that reflect in this person’s eyes to not see all of that. 

Some people dey write.” Many movies describe these scenes with men and women as a common thing in everyday life but this one was pregnant with a lot of things because for a straight couple, it’s normal but for queer couples, the steer is loaded. These are just the lines in the book that were so incredible.

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