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Sola Akindolu Shares His Business Investment setbacks and how He shut down the Business.

Sola Akindolu Shares His Business Investment setbacks and how He shut down the Business.

Sep 6, 2023

On today’s episode of #WithChude, Sola Akindolu the CEO of Brass Company shared his set back experience that made him shut down a big business.

He explained in this exclusive series how he invested all the money he had made from his previous jobs on this new business and how it all failed without results to show for it.

Sola Akindolu sits #WithChude
Sola Akindolu #Generationcode

In his words with Chude Jideonwo.

Chude: few days ago you tweeted something — ”Our day will come”. Did something happen that made you tweet that?

Sola Akindolu: You know sometimes when you work really hard you just hope for a better day or hope that all of these will make sense at some point. So, I was just playing some songs on my Spotify and that song came up. I was like yeah the day will come.

Chude: Because there are a lot of young people that will think like their day that is coming is the day that you already have.

Sola Akindolu: Yeah, I can imagine. Like oh where you are is some people looking up to.

Chude: You shared with my producers about one of the experience that defined your life was investing all your savings, taking on a dirty business, having to shut down the business and learning your partners had a different plan. What happened?

Sola Akindolu: I think that was my last company. I put a lot of my sweat in that company and it was a big deal for me then. Because I had a lot of big plans for that business. I did so much to see it become successful and I had to just shut it down. It gave me a lot of set backs.

Chude: What kind of set backs?

Sola Akindolu: I mean, it felt like I could have been doing so much with my life at the time where I had this great plan how I wanted to build this great company and I was working with people who I thought were with me. It just didn’t work out because I invested so much of my energy, time and capital. The money I had gotten from my previous job to start business and it was all for nothing.

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