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Skales Speaks On Connecting With Fans In Unexpected Places.

Skales Speaks On Connecting With Fans In Unexpected Places.

Apr 26, 2023

The year started really well. I was performing in front of about ten thousand people in Sudan when I got my first cheque on the very first day of the year. I feel like that’s a sign that this year will be great. For me, last year was crazy! – a bittersweet year, but this year will turn around.  

Even though it was my first time in Sudan, I knew that the Arab world, including North Africa, and the Middle East already loved me! – They have always shown me a lot of support and love. I usually go to those parts of the world for shows; Bahrain, and other weirdly named countries I didn’t even know existed. I performed for about an hour and I was pleasantly surprised to find the audience singing along to songs that I didn’t expect them to know. I think they could connect with me over there because my music resonates well with them and it has a certain relatability and friendliness to it. 

When this whole thing started off, my career properly hit the mainstream. My hit songs started from there, and till now, if you go to places like Dubai – they play my songs in public places like the airport and malls. In fact, I have even heard some friends say that my music is enjoyed by members of the royal family too.

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