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Ronke Oshodi- Oke Finally Shares why She had to lose weight on #WithChude!

Ronke Oshodi- Oke Finally Shares why She had to lose weight on #WithChude!

Aug 15, 2023

The veteran Ojo Anthony, popularly known as “Ronke Oshodi-Oke”, has finally opened up about her sudden weight loss. She cleared the air about the rumor that she had a breast reduction surgery and ascribed her weight loss to simultaneous reduction in all her body parts. 

Here is what she has to say in this revealing interview HERE:

Ronke Oshodi-Oke sits #WithChude
Ronke Oshodi-Oke sits #WithChude

CHUDE: You were in the news, people said you did a Weight loss program


CHUDE: Did you?

RONKE: Yes I did

CHUDE: But at first people said you were sick

RONKE: Ah! I’m not sick. I’m very strong, I’m very strong and healthy.

CHUDE: So why did you do it?

RONKE: I went to the Uk sometime, I have a doctor there, and the doctor said ‘lose weight’. It was my doctor who said I should lose weight. I was 110 then, he said I should lose weight to about 75. I was like ‘eleyi po ke’. But he said I should lose weight. So later on, I was just doing my thing but I started having some small small sickness, BP and stuff like that. So I just said, ok, let me start doing this thing.

CHUDE: What did you do? Because you didn’t play with it o!

RONKE: I wasn’t playing o!

CHUDE: Because me sef I want to know what to do.

RONKE: I was taking ‘Speedy Weight loss’ at the beginning. I was too thin. I think then I was around 82 from 110 so I now switched off to ‘Fat Surrender’. So that is what I take now. Now I’m between 86 and 87.

CHUDE: Those things work?

RONKE: Of course they do! Yes.

CHUDE: People always see it as a scam.

RONKE: It’s not a scam o! It does work but you would know how to use it. Because if you use it too much, it may affect your liver, like if you don’t know how to use it. That is why if anybody wants to use it, If they want to buy, I will tell them, ‘if you want to buy, you have to eat’ it is very very important to eat. You have to eat because of the strength. If they listen to my advice, it will surely work for them.

CHUDE: Really? So how did you discover it? Was it your doctor that recommended it?

RONKE: No, I was their ambassador before.

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