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Phyna BBN Finally Reveals why She unfollowed Her Friend ChiChi on #WithChude!

Phyna BBN Finally Reveals why She unfollowed Her Friend ChiChi on #WithChude!

Sep 8, 2023

The unending fight between two friends seem to have a beginning that no one has heard about. On today’s episode of #WithChude, Phyna BBN reveals why she unfollowed her precious friend ChiChi and how their relationship has gone so bad ever since.

Phyna sits #WithChude
Phyna and ChiChi BBN

In the interview with Phyna:

CHUDE: She said that you unfollowed her with no reason.

PHYNA: There is a reason!

CHUDE: What’s the reason?

PHYNA: Okay, when we were in South Africa, we went to Capetown, and she chose to stop talking to me. You know, Chichi is somehow, she can wake up today and choose to not talk to you. So Chichi stopped talking to me that period. She just stopped talking to me. Then our hotel room, when you come out, there’s a small lounge before the elevator. So she was always there, I’d always jam her there.

CHUDE: So two of you were still talking?

PHYNA: No, she was not talking to me. Sometimes if I even say ‘Chichi what’s up?’…

CHUDE; So she was the one that stopped talking to you?

PHYNA: Yes! Sometimes I’d say Chichi what’s up? She’ll just ignore me. Because I already know her, it comes like that, so I’ll just bone. The day I unfollowed her, it wasn’t only her I unfollowed. I unfollowed about six housemates that day. Something happened in Capetown. I don’t want to talk about it because I don’t want to help anybody raise their career.

CHUDE: Does it have to do with man?

PHYNA: Yeah, man dey naw, man dey, so I don’t want to help anybody raise their career abeg, I’m not a career raiser. So something happened in Capetown. Hmm let me even say it. Before I went to South Africa, I went to Qatar with Chizzy. Chichi was not talking to me then, Amaka was not talking to me, Adekunle also stopped talking to me, Bryan stopped talking to me, Daniella talks to me but I didn’t trust her again because she was talking to me; but she was very close to Bryan, Amaka, Adekunle, people that don’t talk to me.

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