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“People thought I was rude, arrogant, and stubborn.” — Khloe BBNaija

“People thought I was rude, arrogant, and stubborn.” — Khloe BBNaija

Oct 31, 2023

An ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Khloe, has shared how she was misunderstood as a rude, stubborn, and arrogant person.

In her view, before she entered the Big Brother Naija house, she found it really hard to communicate with people and express her mind. She explained how this was caused by her inferiority complex. Khloe shared that she has an H-factor, and speaking to people in public can make her start picking her words and be very conscious of the conversation.

Khloe shared how her presence in the Big Brother house opened her up and built her confidence, irrespective of the H-factor and inferiority complex she had suffered.

Khloe said: Before Big Brother, I would be in a room of 10 people, and I would talk to only one. Big Brother actually made me connect with other people. People used to think I was rude, arrogant, or stubborn. I said it when I had my interview that I just wanted people to see the real me.

Because I have H factor — which I’m working on now — I had a bit of inferiority complex, so when I want to talk I’m trying to pick the word that does not have ‘h’ or look for alternatives. But in the Big Brother House, I was just blowing everything.

Big Brother opened me to a lot of things and made me see that people are not who or what it seems like. It is a beautiful experience if you can get in, get in. It is a good experience, but it’s not for the faint hearted.”

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