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“Why Jesus didn’t condemn the woman in adultery”

“Why Jesus didn’t condemn the woman in adultery”

Apr 11, 2023

“A woman that was literally caught in the act of adultery was brought to Jesus. The question was, where is the man? Jesus was not afraid to implement standards with grace.  

The law says to stone her, but what they were looking for was what Jesus would say. If Jesus had said stone her, they would have said, He is a murderer, killer, and a terrible man! but if he had said Let her live! They would have said, This guy is teaching against the law of Moses. He’s not keeping the standard.  

Jesus Christ, by the wisdom of God, looked on the floor and said, He that has no sin, let him throw the first stone. What Jesus was saying was this, “I’m the sinless one, I’m the one that has the right to throw the stone, but I refuse to throw the stone. So, who are you?  

He was saying all of them were sinners pointing at another sinner. 

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