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“Nigerian elites can do better than acquiring more money.” — Chude

“Nigerian elites can do better than acquiring more money.” — Chude

Oct 23, 2023

It’s really deeply sad for me that there are so many young people who are leaving this country, and you can’t even marshall an intellectually rigorous argument for why they shouldn’t leave.

There are too many of us who have given up on this country because it’s just so hard to even believe in it…

But no society survives the cynicism of its people.

What makes me really heartbroken about Nigeria is not the people on the street hustling – it’s the people who have access, money, and power who just don’t care, and nothing matters to them, but acquiring more.

One day we will wake up, and this entire country might have collapsed on our heads. Then, where do we go? Like Seun said, sms it might sound ridiculous, (but) I don’t like the cold of London; Canada is boring; America is fighting itself over ridiculous things. I just want to build my own country.

We love the country, but we can’t even travel by road in our country. What kind of people are we that want to go and enjoy life in other people’s countries – when we have our own with the best food, weather, and more?

We need a better country. It’s not about politics, but it is about politics. It’s not about economics, but it is about economics. We should do better, especially those of us who have more power than others—those with more access, network, money, and privilege than others.

We need to do better.
We can do better.

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