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Ngozi Nwosu says the price you pay for being a Celebrity is too high!

Ngozi Nwosu says the price you pay for being a Celebrity is too high!

Aug 4, 2023

Ngozi Nwosu’s journey into the world of acting commenced during her school days, where she attended acting classes predominantly conducted in Yoruba. The stage became her canvas, and her talent was undeniable. Soon, she graced television screens as “Madam V boot” in the iconic series “Ripples,” carving her name into the hearts of viewers.

Ngozi Nwosu sits #WithChude
Ngozi Nwosu

Despite her achievements there has been rumors about her having health challenges but here is what she has to say about it:

“It’s just like burying you alive, there was one that actually trended that even made me to question myself. Really, I was alive, because someone came out of the blues and said I had Leukemia. I sat down and just start crying, because I’m like why would somebody say that about me and to make matters worse, the person went ahead to say, from the sources mouth. Please who?? Because when you say from the sources mouth, that means it’s from me.

So I’m like, excuse me am I dead? What’s happening? I was practically walking on the street crying because I don’t know where my life was heading, why, what’s wrong with me. There was nothing wrong with me, I even went to the hospital, I ran a test, I was very okay so I’m like where is this coming from? But I guess it’s the price you pay for being a celebrity. The price is too high, over high! Because if I don’t not handle it the way I handles it, it could actually kill someone of depression. Do you know that can make someone to go into depression.

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