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“My marriage crashed in 2013, and I couldn’t recover from the shame” — Princess Shares how She couldn’t get over her marriage failure!

“My marriage crashed in 2013, and I couldn’t recover from the shame” — Princess Shares how She couldn’t get over her marriage failure!

Jul 23, 2023

Ahh, Princess just gave us a gift! 

When you are down, you have to stand. You can’t stop, you must keep going. But People that usually say that are those who have conquered, won or risen up.

Princess says she’s still dealing with the consequences of not rising up when she fell. What’s powerful about this is Funke Akindele was in this same studio and Funke said ‘when it happened I had to stand up and keep going. I went to Asaba, I went to Enugu, I began to do all those movies’.

And then Princess comes and says when this happens to her… she stopped fighting, because of shame, because of pain, because of regrets.”

Princess says, when you fall on the ground you can’t stay there. People are also running for their lives and they will step on you not because they hate you but because they are also running for their lives.

How do you get up when you fall? How do you survive life’s harshest blows? How do you recover when you lose?

Princess sits #WithChude
Princess the comedian and actress!

Princess – the actor, comedian, and producer – went through the loss of her marriage, the loss of a baby, a public scandal, losing her career, and being homeless. Ground Zero. She is still going through recovery from what she calls a great fall. She tells me how she is doing it. She tells me how she got back up. She tells me why it took her so long to get back up.

I am actually very honoured that she would come to have such an honest conversation with me.

I learnt so much and you, presently going through some of life’s challenges, will learn SO MUCH.

Funke Akindele came through for her!

Funke Akindele called me and I’m sure she’ll remember. She called me and said Princess kilonshele, I heard you almost cried yourself to death.” Chude I’m telling you, I cried and I became sick and lost weight. I said “ah Funke”, I told her in Yoruba, I said my life is ended.

She said why will you say that. I said can’t you see what happened to my marriage, and then she said didn’t you hear what happened to mine? I said Funke your own is different, you can’t compare yourself to me. At least you stayed in your husband’s house for a year. And she said what are you talking about Princess? She said to me, I’m in Enugu shooting, please let me pay for your flight ticket, come and meet me. I said ah I don’t think I’ll be able to come. She said ah what are you doing, I said I’m washing. She said kilonfo, I said I’m just washing. She said where are you going, I’m not going anywhere, I was in that house wearing just one clothe. She said Princess I don’t understand. Princess, please let me pay for your ticket, come and meet me in Enugu, I’m shooting, we’ll talk.

“Then I heard people calling her saying Funke we are ready, so she said, ‘Princess shey o Na wa? Call me.

“I didn’t call her.”

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