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“My first movie role was by accident.”  — Stephanie ‘Calabar Chic’ Isuma.

“My first movie role was by accident.” — Stephanie ‘Calabar Chic’ Isuma.

Oct 3, 2023

In an exclusive interview on the #WithChude show, the renowned actress Calabar Chic candidly shares her unexpected foray into the world of film making, a journey she describes as an accident with no prior planning.
Reflecting on her surprising entry into the film industry, Calabar Chic reveals that during her final year at Nnamdi Azikwe University, she embarked on a quest for project materials outside the confines of her campus. Little did she know that this excursion would lead her to a pivotal moment in her life.

As fate would have it, she heard of the director, Mr. Lancelot, who happened to be working in the area. Meeting him had been a long-held aspiration, and she carried her scripts with her, hoping for an opportunity to discuss her ideas with him.

Calabar Chic’s chance meeting with Mr. Lancelot took an unexpected turn. He saw her and asked her to wait. Later, he summoned the costume manager to transform her appearance and then assigned her an impromptu role alongside the renowned actor Majid Michel.

With no script and no prior preparation, she embarked on a journey into the world of acting guided solely by Mr. Lancelot’s instructions.

In her own words, she recollects, “I schooled at Nnamdi Azikwe University, and during my final year project, I came to a radio station in Asaba to gather materials for my project. I heard they were filming around the station, and Mr. Lancelot was the director. I had always wanted to meet him. I had my scripts with me, and I hoped to have a chance to discuss them with him. When he saw me, he asked me to wait, and later, he had the costume manager dress me up and then instructed me to act alongside Majid Michel. He simply guided me on what to do, and I took the plunge into the world of acting.”

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