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“My ex-husband is a good father to his children and a good friend to me.” — Mo Abudu

“My ex-husband is a good father to his children and a good friend to me.” — Mo Abudu

Nov 9, 2023

In a recent interview, media mogul Mo Abudu shared insights into her amicable relationship with her ex-husband, Tokunbo Abudu. She emphasized that parting ways doesn’t make someone a bad person. In her words, she highlighted Tokunbo as a good father and a supportive friend. Mo Abudu expressed the importance of maintaining a positive co-parenting dynamic for the sake of their two children.

A general belief system is that children from separate homes always turn out bad and stubborn, but Mo Abudu debunked the notion that children from separated parents must choose sides, emphasizing that her children love both their parents equally. She recounted several shared moments at their son’s graduation, their daughter’s wedding, and others that added spice to their lives. Mo showcased the collaborative and supportive nature of the two parties as amazing single parents.

While acknowledging that not all separations end without bitterness, Mo emphasized that their split was devoid of animosity. She explained that despite being good friends, the relationship didn’t work due to various factors beyond friendship. The movie producer and media personality shed more light on the mature and understanding approach they had taken, challenging the stereotype of acrimonious divorces and promoting the idea that relationships can evolve into different forms while maintaining respect and friendship.

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