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Kiekie Shares how the song for Her Daughter was Created.

Kiekie Shares how the song for Her Daughter was Created.

May 14, 2023

So when we learnt that I was pregnant, the first scare was when I went to check the sex of the child. I was told boy. I said ‘Boy? O boy! Who will wear all my shoes? Who’d carry my bag?’ And then again, we checked again, then it wasn’t decisive, oh we’re going to have a girl, yaay, a girl! And in that very moment, I just remembered that everything that I asked for. The day we went to the hospital, we didn’t go to the hospital to collect pregnancy result, we just went for another thing. So from that journey from the hospital back home, I started reminding myself the prayers that I prayed.

And I was just like, I need to pray for this child. I need to prophesy into the life of that child so that she can grow and become that and more. So that day I was in my closet and getting ready. I started saying the words. So I took my phone and I started typing. And my mum said ‘ki lon type’. I said I’m typing prayers for Oluwashonalami. She said who is that? I said my child and she said oh you have a name, I said yes. So I started typing ‘O….Ololufe olorun ni o ni je’. When I got to the O in Oluwashonalami, she just said ‘O ni ri daamo’ and I just added that to the bit, till the end. And I would just read it over and over again.

So I reached out to the Akinpelu sisters, no, it was the Akinpelu sisters that said they wanted to do a collaboration with me. So I called them, and we planned the shoot. It never really made sense to me until they said ‘shoot’ and I started reading. I think I took that part like 3/4 times because I didn’t like the first edit there. My voice was shaking then and then I took it again. When I got home, the producer just said you know what? Just go to a quiet place by yourself and do it again. And before I did that, I prayed, I carried my phone and I prophesied. When I listened to it, I felt it in my head like it was…hmmm…my head is swelling, I feel like crying.

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