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Jim Iyke Expresses His mind about His Marriage, Scandal and Mother’s long-term sickness!

Jim Iyke Expresses His mind about His Marriage, Scandal and Mother’s long-term sickness!

Jul 29, 2023

We had this conversation last year, and we released a clip of it at the beginning of the year that went viral. But I wanted to take my time with this Jim Iyke conversion because it was … everything. Apart from the scoops that he dished out on his marriage (yes!), his children, and businesses that failed, we went deep into his insecurities, the anger and the rage, almost taking his life and how losing his mother – and the ‘spiritual charade’ that preceded her loss – almost made him lose his mind.

We have a lot of great conversations on #WithChude but there are some that I say you have to watch.

This one is not an ordinary conversation.

What really happened in synagogue!

I said I will live in this church for 2 years if you heal my mum. So after a while, they have a meeting you need to come down. I remember I was there, my sister was behind me when this guy came and was doing stuff. When he crossed me, I chuckled.  Then he came back to me, my brother I don’t know what happened after that. This world is deep, there’s a spiritual something I’ve come to notice about this world that is way beyond us.

Jim Iyke sits #WithChude
Jim Iyke

What happened I don’t know, I saw the video and said that’s not me but that was me.

The lesson learnt!

The one I think I should share is when I asked ‘what’s the thing that most held you? he said God.   Now, what I liked about it … and I do not disbelieve people when they say God but sometimes you have to communicate things in a way that people know that you really felt it. Not prayer, not performance, not fasting for 20 days, not all those big things that we think we have to do to earn God’s grace, no.

Sometimes it’s just ‘God please help me, please show me’. I don’t want to doubt you, these things are making me doubt you, please God be there for me. The Christian Bible says, in Jeremiah 29:13, ‘and you will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart’.

It’s at that moment when you’re not performing, when just say God help me God if you exist show up for me, God if you exist help me. That authentic prayer when nothing else is working. That is what I learnt from Jim Iyke today.

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