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Jeremiah Ekumam dropped out of school to sell pure water on the street of Lagos.

Jeremiah Ekumam dropped out of school to sell pure water on the street of Lagos.

Nov 7, 2023

Nine seconds can change your life forever and if you doubt that, ask my guest today, Jeremiah Ekumam.

Many of you know him, it’s the most Cinderella’est of stories. You know, this hawker hawking water in the streets of Lagos sees these prisoners begging for anything and gives the last of his resources to them, live on the streets of Lagos and his life completely changed.

Jeremiah was a student of Ebonyi state University but he dropped out to sell pure water on the street of Lagos.

Ahhh! This episode made me feel so good, made all of us feel so good on set and today we are getting an exclusive because not just Jeremiah’s here, we also have Lucky, the guy who captured those 9 seconds of goodness, and not just Lucky but the first time on TV, we have Barnabas, the guy that housed Jeremiah in a home of 12 people. Hhmmmm there is so much bad with the world, so much wrong with the world, but today these 3 guys remind us of all that is good and bright and beautiful about Nigeria and about the world.

How Jeremiah’s story went viral and his life changed:

Jeremiah was caught on camera sharing his hard earned income among prisoners. This is heartwarming and many people reached out to him after finding this heartfelt video trending.

Jeremiah’s reaction to the surprise alerts:

“When he asked me of my number, I just thought he wanted to play pranks. You know some people are used to molesting and taking advantage of road side hawkers. So when he asked of my number I decided to give and let go. But when he called me the next day I was very shocked that this guy took this little thing I had done so seriously.

“When he called me, he immediately said, ‘Ah this guy, you have a very good heart”. In fact God has blessed you, you are leaving the streets today. I thought he was joking until I began to see seriousness in him saying things like: ‘Enter car, bring your account number’. Then in 10 or 20 minutes time, I started getting alerts and said wow.”

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