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“I’ve always believed in myself, but I just wasn’t confident.” — Skales

“I’ve always believed in myself, but I just wasn’t confident.” — Skales

Apr 28, 2023

When I left EME it was a terrible time for me. My life was just like a movie with different horrible moments. I was homeless and was sleeping in my car. Timaya found out at some point, and he offered me his home to stay in. One thing led to another, and I felt like I had overstayed there and had to move. Some of my friends got a space in Lekki and since they knew my condition, they asked me to join them because there was a vacant room.

It was my birthday and I had recorded “Shake Body” a year or two before. I had even played it for someone who didn’t like it and because of that, I was hesitant to play my songs for anyone else. I always experiment with new stuff and that’s why people keep saying they don’t understand what I’m doing. I believe I’m a gifted artiste and I can do everything, so I do what I feel is right for that time.

My friends at the time, Victoria Kimani, China, and EmmaNyra, threw me a pool party to celebrate my birthday, and I was playing my music through a speaker from my own system since there was no DJ. I was playing my own songs because I like to focus on my own music rather than that of others. It was just a collection of my good songs, and somehow, “Shake Body” ended up on the playlist. As the song played, I heard people outside shouting and asking me to play it again. I couldn’t believe it – These people were blown away by this song and they made me play the song like four times over. About twenty people were singing along and vibing to the song, and it was a magical moment for me, and it made me want to put the song out there on my own.

That experience taught me to believe in myself. I’ve always believed in myself, but I wasn’t confident because I was unsure if people would like what I was doing. But now I don’t care, I’m just making sure it’s excellent.

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