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“I was shocked when my mail got hacked, and a message with an adultery scene was sent.” — Ifeoma Williams

“I was shocked when my mail got hacked, and a message with an adultery scene was sent.” — Ifeoma Williams

Aug 3, 2023

Ifeoma Williams got the second standing ovation by the entire crew during our one week shoot. She came with the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRURH and NOTHING but the TRUTH!

You thought Mai’s was explosive, you can NOT miss this one!!!

Ifeoma spoke about the sudden and shocking scandal that shook her family and career at the same time. How she survived the heat and the reactions from everyone around.

Ifeoma Williams sits #WithChude
Ifeoma Williams

She says:

“So first off, I’m overjoyed that you asked me that. When you asked me that, my insides — particularly my chest region — lit up. I became alive. This was not the way it was 7 years ago when it happened. I’ll give you a background and I’ll tell you how I survived it. My dad called me at 5:30am. I’m his first and only daughter so he calls me Ada. ‘Ada what is this crazy email you sent?’ I said, ‘I didn’t send you any email.’

He said ‘you sent me an email with a link. What is this? I mean is this a joke?’
I quickly got to my laptop, turned it on and saw that my box had been hacked, mails had been sent to everybody in my mailing list including the Association of Image Consultants International — association of which I was President-elect for the Nigerian chapter — and the link said, ‘Hello guys, this is what I’m up to these days.’ The link was the link to Stella Dimokorkus’ blog that announced that I was in an adultery scandal with a certain oil and gas billionaire mogul and we were caught in Paris by his wife who dressed up as a hotel maid and opened the door.

The first thing my dad said was ‘you don’t owe anybody any explanation. Your friends don’t need it, your enemies won’t believe it.’ Your enemies do not need it because how can anybody can be stupid enough to believe that a 5-Star hotel in Paris would admit someone disguised as a maid. The second thing for me was, luckily, my husband had travelled with my pull-on and I remember him calling me and saying ‘I’m wounded’, not even wanting to listen to anything.

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Thank you Ifeoma, for being LIGHT.
Pure Light.
I love you.

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