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“I was scared of being typecast.” — Moshood Fattah

“I was scared of being typecast.” — Moshood Fattah

Jul 3, 2023

Washington said something one time about the first set of movies you do influencing your trajectory in the business. I was scared that coming from the theatre where I played more elevated characters. I was playing a street thug in ‘FISHBONE’ and it was more like this guy seems comfortable in this character and he’s really going to fit in for gritty roles. ‘Far from Home’ happened and then the ‘Battle on Bukka Street’ role made me feel like they are not making me the gritty child. I’m more than that and clearly my works for itself. That’s something that I’m trying to make people understand, that I’m more than what I play.  I think when you do a good job people think that’s all you have to offer and that’s not true.  

The director of the short film Editi Effiong had seen me in a play in 2015 where I played another gritty role. I didn’t even know that he saw me. I was at the reading for FISHBONE courtesy of Blessing Jessica who linked me up. I didn’t even know who Mr. Editi was at the time, I was waiting and then someone walked by and said I know you. I actually thought it could have been from the days of theatre. He reminded me about a play I did in 2015 and I was shocked he could remember something that happened four years before we eventually met. He showed a high enthusiasm and I’m thankful I didn’t screw the audition up.

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