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“I was physically abused by Femi-Fani Kayode, despite being pregnant for him” — Precious Chikwendu

“I was physically abused by Femi-Fani Kayode, despite being pregnant for him” — Precious Chikwendu

Jul 23, 2023

Precious Chikwendu is the mother of four children with former two-time minister, Femi Fani-Kayode.

She says she hasn’t seen her children since she left him in August 2020, after a 7-year period of the most horrendous physical and emotional abuse – including while she was pregnant.

This is the first time she is granted an interview about this harrowing episode.

Today, she shares her side of the story.

The physical abuse: 

“The Dasukis have been involved. Both Colonel Dasuki and his wife have been involved. Nnamdi Kanu at some point has called me to plead with me.

Yes! In October, 2019, I left.

He insulted me at one point at a dinner we had at Sleek Bay Chinese restaurant here in Abuja. Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, Ejiofor, was present in that meeting. Some journalists were there and some of my friends were there, they can bear witness to this. He openly insulted me because I was taking pictures with my friends that came and he wanted me to come and sit by his side. Not as if we were having a conversation but you told me you were taking me out for dinner, just the two of us and I get to the dinner place and lots of people were there.

Precious Chikwendu  sits #WithChude
Precious Chikwendu!

I got a call from late TB Joshua pleading with me that I should please come over to Lagos he wants to settle the issue. He pleaded, he told me he’s a man of God, that he does not like the issues he was hearing and that he would like peace to reign. I explained, went on a rant, I told him everything, how we started, how we got to this point, and how I was done. He said it’s okay, that he wants to sit and have a conversation with me and that if after the conversation, I still feel strongly about not staying with him then he will know that he has tried. He just wants to do his brother a favour by talking to me as he had asked him to.

The separation between the kids and her!

The children are with him, I haven’t seen them since August 2nd, 2020. Yes! since then I haven’t seen my children and I’ve been physically prevented from seeing them.

I don’t know if my children are alright because they don’t take my calls. I don’t know the school he changed my sons to. I was told they go to school. The last time I filed a suit in court, they said the children are in school and they are okay. I don’t know the school they go to, I don’t know who their teachers are, I don’t even know anything or the nannies they are with nothing! I have no access to my kids.

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