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“I never shy away from my flaws.” —Moshood Fattah

“I never shy away from my flaws.” —Moshood Fattah

Jun 28, 2023

CHUDE: I mean obviously, people like you and it’s annoying to me because I know you. I’ve gone to see plays that you’ve done and people come here and they’re always talking like “that guy, that guy.” You actually have what they say that you can’t buy in the market, likeability. They can’t buy likeability in the market. It’s either people like you easily or they don’t. You’ve heard that people like you right? 

MOSHOOD: Yes! I am likeable and it’s hard to digest sometimes because I can be a handful. 

CHUDE: Sometimes when people see me on the show they like me because they have this image of me as a therapist priest. Do you also feel like they’re setting you up? 

MOSHOOD: I think with my friends that know me through and through, I’ve never been one to act like I’m perfect. They know my flaws and I never ever shy away from them. I confront them and they know and accept. So, I think that even makes me more likeable. The fact that I don’t try to act like I’m perfect when I make a mistake. When I messed up well I own up to it. I also think because I’m very forgiven which is not to blow my own trumpet or whatever. I understand that as an actor our job is compassion. We have to understand people anyways, so no matter how flawed the person is you can see the reason why they are that way. Once the person can see that you are compassionate towards them, they give you the same. So, I think that’s what I enjoy. The fact that regardless of your Identity or whatever it is I’m very accepting. I don’t judge people, so everybody is comfortable around me. I think it’s just that energy that emanates.

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