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“I had four fibroid surgeries.” — Toyin Lawani sits #WithChude

“I had four fibroid surgeries.” — Toyin Lawani sits #WithChude

Jul 6, 2023

Today, it’s Toyin Lawani!

My mum didn’t disown me. She died at 46 from cancer and my dad also died of cancer. I started my life at 16 years. I had three shops already in Unilag at that age. 

When I left my rich ex-boyfriend who told me I couldn’t style and he didn’t believe in what I was doing, I was sleeping on the floor in a hotel room with my daughter. 

Everyone wants to be big but they don’t want to put in the work. I don’t work for free anymore, I paid my dues already because I worked for free for 2 years. I believe in carrying my legacy on and I tell my daughter ‘Tiana je ki ori e pe.’ Wake up. I don’t even care if I die young anymore. My mum died when she was 46 so… 

Who am I to change your impression of me? That’s how I make my money. Regardless of the negative things you say about me, there are a lot of people rooting for me. Some will even say I want to break the internet and they upload me. Why won’t I break the internet, I will even break your father’s heart. 

I had four fibroid surgeries including laparoscopy. As I said, my parents were from families that had a history of cancer. I found out my thyroid was high because I had to constantly check my body. It was the same symptoms my mother had and I had to attack it on time. I was placed on medications. At some point, I was told I can’t have another baby…

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