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“I grew up with no father at all” — Skales

“I grew up with no father at all” — Skales

Apr 24, 2023

I’ve not been able to solve the mystery behind my dad because I don’t even know what he looks like. The only thing I can remember was the day he was leaving us, and he came to kiss me on my forehead. I remember he had beards, but I can’t remember any other thing. I was just four or five years at that time. I’ve tried asking my mom, but I realized that it always made her sad and I really love her, I didn’t like it when she was sad. So, I didn’t ask, but now I regret it because my mom is no more, and I don’t know what really happened. Why will anyone leave his family knowing they would suffer? I heard he had money and from the story I heard, he was not poor. But I really don’t know the entire story. 

My mom did a good job because the only time I felt bad about not having a dad was when I saw other people with their dads or when I went to visit my friends who had their dads around. I had this friend at that time, Dola Dawaki, his father was a pastor and politician. My mom would always ask if I could stay with the family for some time so that I could have the experience of what a family looked like, and I usually went to school from there.

It was just my mom and me. I was an only child. Whenever I tried to watch the “Pursuit of Happiness” movie by Will Smith, I usually could not finish it because it always reminded me so much of myself and my mom.

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