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“I got tired of having miscarriages, so I chose surrogacy.”  — Ini Edo

“I got tired of having miscarriages, so I chose surrogacy.” — Ini Edo

Jun 25, 2023

I chose a surrogate because…I’ve had couple of miscarriages you know and I just got tired.. of trying and I didn’t want to try.
I don’t have a husband, so I’m like I want a child for myself whether I have a husband or not. So, what other options could I have had? And I wanted it to be my child, my eggs. Thankfully, my eggs are good.

You live this life for yourself. It’s just you that matters. You can’t be the judge of your own life and my life at the same time, No! This is my own life, I’d hold it.

The truth is people don’t really care. If you care enough for yourself, that’s enough. Dont expect people to care. Everybody has their own problems to deal with. People have issues.

They’re just thinking of themselves…they’re just using their own frustrations and venting it out on you. Perhaps the courage you have, they don’t have… so just do you.

Because you’re listening to them, you’d sit on the same seat with them and that’s basically what they want.


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