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I didn’t go too far when I pushed Caroline to apologize to Iyabo! — Chioma

I didn’t go too far when I pushed Caroline to apologize to Iyabo! — Chioma

Jul 9, 2023

I don’t think I went too far by pushing Caroline to apologize to Iyabo. No! As I said, there are a lot of things that happen off-camera and if anyone listens to my podcast they will completely understand where I was coming from. 

It’s irritating how much editing is involved and it’s a bit annoying that the audience only gets a tiny snippet in a seven-hour situation. Then they judge from that. I got crazy about the whole thing and I was silent throughout the whole season. I didn’t start any fight with anyone even when people come at me I was super chill. So, why would I at the end of the show go crazy at the people I call friends? 

I noticed there was like a trend of lack of empathy, something like a sense of entitlement. These things are qualities and values that my actual friends don’t have and I wasn’t ready to entertain that. I feel like how can I be someone’s friend and I can’t tell them when they are derailing or doing the wrong thing. I believe the power of friendship is being able to pin out when someone is going on the wrong path or doing the wrong thing. You guys didn’t see it because it wasn’t even filmed. The fight with Iyabo was not filmed.

Iyabo was really close to Caroline, maybe not on camera but they are really close. Iyabo was always looking out for Caroline and giving her advice just like an elder sister. So I felt sad that this person was really looking out for you when didn’t even have to be and you just attacked. 

Everyone makes mistakes, and when you do you should fix it. It was the attitude that followed like she wasn’t ready to say sorry. It wasn’t like I wanted to force her to apologize, I just wanted them to talk. I have a lot of emotional intelligence and I understand how the human mind works. Sometimes it takes a longer time for some people to heal or forgive. I understand Iyabo’s personality and that’s how my father too is. When you offend these people It takes time for them to heal, so I just wanted her to communicate if she cared or appreciated anything she ever did to her.

I’m human and at some point, I felt that if she could do this to someone who cared so much for her, it was just a matter of time it will soon be my turn.

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