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“I attempted suicide in 2018.” — Warripikin

“I attempted suicide in 2018.” — Warripikin

Jun 15, 2023

In 2017/2018 my husband and I had financial issues. We were in debt and everything. So, when I attempted suicide on June 6, 2018, I didn’t die. They took me to about three different hospitals but in the last hospital when I woke up and wondered why I didn’t die. I said God, you see this my story, I will use it to help others. It means if God didn’t allow me to die then He wanted me to use the story to help others around me and not keep it to myself. The fastest way I could do that was online and I had a small Itel phone that wasn’t clear enough. “If you see my face ehn I be like goat weh dey burn.” 

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