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How I escaped being shot at — Pastor Bolaji Idowu

How I escaped being shot at — Pastor Bolaji Idowu

Apr 12, 2023

Oh! I was shot at. It was a huge story.

Normally, I would wake up around three to four in the morning and take a walk to pray for about two to three hours before I lead Next Level Prayers. I do that on the road because sometimes, in the house, I get tired and want to sit down.

I was on this major street and this guy approached me and said, “Give me your phone”. To be sincere, I didn’t know why I didn’t give him my phone, because if I could think, I would give him my phone. But I responded with “In the name of Jesus”, and he just shot at me. My ears tingled.

I started running as soon as he brought out the gun and when I got to a few buildings away, I saw a security guard. I asked him if he had heard the gunshot, and he said he did.

I asked him to check my back if I was bleeding, because I thought maybe it was the adrenalin that knocked out the pain, but he said I wasn’t bleeding.

In fact, I had to go to the hospital to check my ear because my ears had a stretch. They were like the bullet passed by it and the vibration caused the stretch.

It’s just another testimony of the faithful, grace and the power of our Lord Jesus Christ at work.

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