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“Everyone pegged me as a sex symbol just to sell their brands.” — Ini Edo

“Everyone pegged me as a sex symbol just to sell their brands.” — Ini Edo

Jun 25, 2023

I actually remember going to one person’s office to ask her, ‘Oga, did I do something wrong?’ Because this is getting out of hand. Like everyday this, everyday that.

He said ‘Ini there are so many of your colleagues that if we put their stories out, People are not interested. You sell our newspaper. So if you don’t give us stories to write about you, we would find something.’ I kid you not, that’s what the publisher of a magazine told me. ‘So if I can’t find something on you…if I put you on my cover today, I sell out and that’s my business. So if you don’t want people digging things that are not true, give us stories to write.’

It was at that point that I said, you know what, it’s your hustle, it’s not about me. You know…I realized that trying to sue this one, trying to sue that one was draining me, taking my energy, distracting me, I was getting depressed and I said you know what?…it is what it is. The jobs and endorsements kept coming and I’m like, if you guys want to peg me as a sex symbol just to sell your papers and I’m still getting my jobs and endorsements, yeah be my guest.

People don’t know things about you because they never really get to know the real you. They just pick things on the street and they just paint that picture. And gullible people will rather believe that lie than rather give you the thought that, ‘what is even the possibility of this thing?’

If you’re friends with somebody, the wife, kids and someone just rose with the narrative that you’re dating him and you believe it but tomorrow you’re seeing this person with the person’s wife and.. I have come to understand that people choose to believe the lies.

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