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“Different life challenges shapes you to either worse or good” – Maria Chike Benjamin

“Different life challenges shapes you to either worse or good” – Maria Chike Benjamin

May 7, 2023

Chude: The moment at the Re-union when you and Angel had this back and forth. Now, some people think Big Brother is toxic and it’s because of moments like that. What is it like to sit down there – people see it as content but you’re a human being in this situation – on a TV show and somebody flings something vicious at you. How does it feel at the moment?

Maria: Naturally, I’m a fighter; I can’t be bullied. I think it’s just a personality thing I learnt from my dad, I don’t know. I just felt like… really truly, I was told not to speak on that day because my team was like, ‘oh they’re gonna bring this whole husband snatcher tag along, blah blah blah’. And I promised myself…I was like, ‘just air it, like you’re not listening’. But it’s one thing saying it and then it starts, you know your truth and you’re like ‘is that all you’re going to say about me seriously?’ So it got to me and I kinda regret even answering back.

Chude. You regret the things that you said to Angel?

Maria: No, no no, I said I regret even answering back like I regret the whole thing… escalated. I was just told to be quiet and I really wish I took on that persona.

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