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Boma Martins Akpore Clears the air about His Sexual escapade with Tega in the #BBNaija House!

Boma Martins Akpore Clears the air about His Sexual escapade with Tega in the #BBNaija House!

Jul 22, 2023

I had a an insightful interview with Boma Martins Akpore and here is what I learnt:

‘I learnt ‘focus’ with your eye on the prize.’

There was something profound he said; people come to the Big Brother house for a prize and the prize isn’t necessarily money. The price could be fame, the prize could be focusing on the things that matter.

Look at Kayvee for instance, he came out of the Big Brother house and became the poster boy for taking care of your mental health. People go into this for a prize, the problem is that most people forget what that prize is, and they forget to keep working towards that prize. This is the most profound thing he quietly said.

The results that we get in our lives – whatever it is that we do – are the prizes that we get from our actions.

Therefore, before you take action, be aware of the prize (good or bad) that will result from it. Let that be the guide for whether or not you will take that action.

What does Boma have to say about the sexual intimacy with Tega?

“I’ve been on set and I’ve done the same actions or even worse than that. Not sex because I didn’t have sex with Tega, but I’ve kissed, I’ve romanced people, I’ve played romantic scenes with people’s wives and people’s girlfriends or whoever they were. I’m not the casting director. I didn’t choose who to be my partner.

You know, these are professional actors, I’m a professional actor. Member of the screen actors guild of the American Federation, not a YouTube actor or something, no shades. But I do this professionally, it pays the bills.

Bro, I won’t lie to you it was a show. That’s someone that asked me when I left the show without me even knowing what was going on, we are all going back to our families. I’m going back to my girl. Oh yes, I have a girlfriend and nobody still knows, how private can one be?”

Boma sits #WithChude
Actor Boma!

The most defining moment of His life!

“I had like a small injury I was nursing. No one touched me, I just kicked the floor. I don’t get injuries, bro, like if I’ll get injured maybe muscular injuries at the gym or something.

I was going to kick the ball then I kicked the floor, it was like right here. Like how would you kick the floor? I kicked the floor and that muscle, that was it, men.

Men that led me into serious heavy depression. Bro my depression was bad, I’ll wake up and I’ll just sit down on the floor. I didn’t want to do anything. My guy was like you can’t be doing like this. There are people in Nigeria that needs to eat, dem mama dey there you know there are people depending on you, so that was a very defining moment in my life.


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