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“Bitterness is a seed that grows when hurt stays in your heart.” – Funke Bucknor Obruthe

“Bitterness is a seed that grows when hurt stays in your heart.” – Funke Bucknor Obruthe

May 21, 2023

My business is 21years now right? Like I said at that early stage you know, 5 years into the business, you know I was just a young girl, 25,24. I didn’t really understand many things. All I just understood was that I just wanted to deliver good works for my clients, hardworking discipline experiences and you’d require staff right?

And at that time, there were not many people that were in the industry. So I needed to get peole and everybody that I got, I trained. I invested in them, I did everything. Then they wake up and say, ‘I’m leaving, my aunty said I’m gonna be this.’

At that time, it used to hurt, it was painful.
But thank God for people around. That’s why it’s always also good to surround yourself with good people. People that are like your mentor, people that will guide you, people that have also gone through what you went through. So I had friends for example, Tara had just experienced this. So she will just say ‘Funke, look it’s part of life.’ So she will talk to me, another friend….I will go and read, I will sit down…even if I cry, I mean, we will cry now. You’d go and cry…but life has to go on. So what I’d do is, I’d come back and say that you know what, this has happened. But I am not going to be bitter. You know when you’re bitter, you tend to overreact and do things that even you yourself will begin to wonder. And bitterness is a seed that grows. And you will just start hating everybody. So I said I’m not going to be bitter, I’m going to love. Maybe for some, I may detach myself, some I’m not going to love you more than I should love you and everything. So I said you know what, I’m going to love. I will love them. Even if I’m loving them from afar, but I will love you sha.

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