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Biodun Stephen Shares the Epic story behind the Production of The JOBA movie on #WithChude!

Aug 8, 2023

Biodun Stephen’s trajectory into the world of filmmaking was not just a career choice; it was a journey fueled by an intrinsic love for storytelling and a burning desire to communicate with the world. Her determination to evolve and her longing to provide a platform for her voice led her to embrace the world of filmmaking.

In this interview, she shares the powerful story behind the creation of the epic JOBA movie. It’s indeed an inspiring tale that would get you amazed. Here are her words;

Biodun Stephen sits #WithChude
Joba By Biodun Stephen

“I was listening to a song, Psalmos ft Tope Alabi, ‘Jesu Joba’ and I was playing the song, I was going for a meeting from my house in Ogba to Lekki it was on repeat and I just said there’s a story in here, God show me the story and I kid you not, I was in traffic, my dash, what’s that thing, my windshield, it turned into a tv. And I started seeing the pictures. And I heard Abraham, I heard Isaac, I saw when he was about to slaughter him and everything was mumbo jumbo and I was like, Lord hold this, let me get home, let me get home and I got home went into my room and I texted my husband, don’t come in until I’m done.

Then I just put it on social media that I had just written a beautiful story, a powerful story that I’m so blessed. I was just talking about it and two days later somebody sent me a text from South Africa and said “God said let me work with you on this film”. I did not answer o. I said scam. I did not answer. And then the next day, the woman said ‘Holy Spirit said you have just done a film that we should do it together, I’m in SA, this is my number’. My husband said ‘Ehn let’s call the number’. I said in which way ma do you want to be and she said ‘how much do you need to make this film?’”

Head over to HERE to watch the full interview.

You can also listen to the full podcast on HERE

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