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Ayo Animashaun, The founder of Headies, Shares how He fought back for His right!
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Ayo Animashaun, The founder of Headies, Shares how He fought back for His right!

Jul 20, 2023

He is arguably the number one curator of Nigerian music – Ayo Animashaun. The founder of The Headies and Hip TV. I got him for this rare interview and trust me you will enjoy every bit of it.

We talked about his life, Hip TV, his big fight with Heritage Bank, and all the controversy that has surrounded the Headies ranging from the voting to Don Jazzy/Olamide.

Why exactly does he keep doing all this heavy lifting? And is it worth it?

It was no-holds-barred!

What He has to say about Headies awards!

“Months (after the Olamide/Don Jazzy blowout), when Olamide came to my office, I showed him the log – I have the log on my phone – even he didn’t vote!

“So some categories, it’s okay to look at it and say ‘Na him get am, Na him get am’ but it doesn’t work like that.

“So if you say ‘abeg don’t mind the Headies’ of course don’t mind the Headies but did you vote?! A lot of people use mouth to vote.”

“For voting categories, you don’t vote for them, they don’t win. Simple!”

Ayo Animashaun sits #WithChude
Ayo Animashaun Founder of The Headies!

His huge fight with Heritage Bank!

“Before then, I had gone to the front of the bank to sit down on the floor, to cry, to make noise; to call out to people just so that it won’t get to that – but you know what, they always think they can bully you because you’re just an individual running a small business, (and they are) an institution.

I went to their chairman to complain, he went there, and they called a board meeting. I had all the things I needed to lay down while already preparing my court papers and everything. I had insurance, I paid and the bank debited from my account but it wasn’t remitted to the insurance company so I lost a lot already then.

“If you know your right it’s a problem for some people. So (because of that) they just came at me – and I fought back.”

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