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“After my third skit went viral, I completely froze out.” — MC Lively.

“After my third skit went viral, I completely froze out.” — MC Lively.

May 30, 2023

There was one certificate skit that first went viral not as viral as I get it but of course, compared to someone who has not done any viral thing before.  Tundeednut posted it and MC Galaxy saw it and said he wanted to send me #50,000. Ah! thank you for that 50k, that’s what I used to get the phone that I was using to shoot these skits. So, it was that certification skit that actually gave me a problem. The “Agidi” skit, I had already been doing it for months consistently but this certificate skit was the third skit I was doing in my white and black and it went viral. It had lots of comments, people were seeing it and I was a mess. I didn’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow that is going to make people like it that much. I was a complete and total mess for two weeks. I could not do any skits, even the ones that I did I couldn’t post. I was frozen, I was like they wouldn’t like this one ah! they won’t like that one. 

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