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Afrobeats can never die because Nigerians don’t give up! — Bizzle Osikoya

Afrobeats can never die because Nigerians don’t give up! — Bizzle Osikoya

Jun 22, 2023

Chude: Is this moment a fad, this afrobeats moment?

Asa: No, not for me sha!

Chude: Is know..oyibo people they lose…they have short attention span like Africa is sexy now, they move on you know..
Okay let me start with you, then you, then you.

Asa: There are 54 countries in Africa. How many countries are there in Europe? If no body in the world cares about afrobeats again, we’re fine. There are artistes in the US that are only popping in Texas..

Tobi: Absolutely. New scrappy is apparently so big

Asa: like bro, they don’t leave certain areas and they’re good so yeah it’s all nice. That I go to Newyork, I look up, I see Olamide’s face in Times Square, I go to London tomorrow, Tiwa is selling out, it’s amazing but if it doesn’t happen, like at the end of the day, Latin America is big in America. What’s the second most spoken language in America? It’s Spanish. Yoruba is not top 10 languages there. The thing that helps us is that Africans are all over the world, Nigerians particularly are everywhere

Bizzle Osikoya: It can never die. The reason why I’d say it can never die is because we Nigerians we don’t give up. You think he wants to get to a level where a Burna Boy or Wizkid is like nobody’s going to see them or come to their shows in America. We’re going to keep building and grinding so that those things don’t stop. So what just needs to happen and I keep saying everytime is that we just need to find a way to educate our industry because that’s what’s going to kill us if we don’t educate our guys.

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