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“Adversity is a gift, and it clarifies who is for you or against you.”— Chude

“Adversity is a gift, and it clarifies who is for you or against you.”— Chude

Nov 13, 2023

One, people show themselves in adversity. It’s in adversity that you know who is for you, who is against you, who was using you or who is just not strong enough to be with you.

Two, adversity is a gift, it clarifies who people are.

Three, if you go through your life waiting for people who you were good to, to be good to you back, it’s a miserable life indeed.

You must have no expectations about human beings because human beings don’t even know what they’re going to do the next minute. Now, when people surprise you with goodness, you’re surprised, when they surprise you with badness, you’re not shocked.

And the sum of these lessons is, ‘you only have yourself. That doesn’t mean that relationships don’t matter, that doesn’t mean that you should be selfish. It means that in the final analysis, build your core yourself to be able to survive anything that life throws at you.

Thank God for that! Because the only way that we become the full versions of ourselves is when we tap into a core in us that doesn’t need anybody else.

One of my friends was saying, ‘oh I want to be cool to this generation’ and I said, when last did you see Pete Edochie on TikTok trying to impress anybody with his cool? But when you need him you’ll go to Anambra and find him. When last did Genevieve impress anybody? I was using entertainment as example so that it could connect with you.

All around us, there are people who have a deep belief in themselves, not arrogance, just belief that ‘I was given this gift by God and if everybody leaves me, I will go into myself and find new people, and find new talents and find new money, and find new depth of capacity inside myself’.

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