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Adunni Ade Talks about Pain, Shame and Hurt on #WithChude!

Adunni Ade Talks about Pain, Shame and Hurt on #WithChude!

Oct 11, 2023

The popular Nigerian-American actor and model Aduni Ade has shared her heart in an interview with Chude Jideonwo. She spoke with so much clarity about her background, family, Ex-husband and the reality that life has shown her.

Adunni Ade, a single mother of two, shared on #WithChude how dark growing up felt for her. She recalls on the show how happy and hurt she felt living with her father and her step mother.

Adunni Ade sits #WithChude
Adunni Ade on #WithChude

She says: “I just felt broken, I felt everything was just negative and I was like ‘Is there really a God? Is there a God?!’

“Like why do I have to endure so much hurt, for what?!

“I’m a living person, I’m a kind person, I can give you the shirt off my back so to say, so why do I have to experience so much pain?”

Adunni Ade moved from a pain child to having a romantic relationship that further destroyed her mind.

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