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Adewale Ayuba Shed tears on #WithChude!

Adewale Ayuba Shed tears on #WithChude!

Aug 29, 2023

I sat with THE Adewale Ayuba popularly known as Mr. Johnson last week.

This is one of sweetest interviews I have ever, ever hosted on #WithChude show and I don’t say that lightly.

I certainly wasn’t expecting the tears to flow from the iconic Mr. Johnson on my set. I wasn’t expecting the depth of sweetness and the degree of openness.

I am honoured by what he shared with me. Inspired deeply by his personal life.

And I can’t wait to share this exclusive interview with you.

Head over HEREm to watch the full interview.

You can also listen to the full podcast HERE

Adewale Ayuba sits #WithChude
Adewale Ayuba on #WithChude
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