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Adewale Ayuba Shares His Beautiful Love Story and How He got The most Powerful Compliment from His Daughter.

Adewale Ayuba Shares His Beautiful Love Story and How He got The most Powerful Compliment from His Daughter.

Sep 17, 2023

It was a beautiful time interviewing one of the most respected musicians in Nigeria, Adewale Ayuba. This interview opened my mind to a sweet love story and holding family dear to your heart. Following the conversation, Chude asked:

Chude: There was a sweet story that you shared about your daughter. You walked in on her one day and heard her pray that she should have a husband like you, and you said that’s one of the proudest accomplishments of your life.

Ayuba: That touches me every time. I was to go to the bathroom, and I realized that my daughter was praying, ‘Daddy, give me a husband like my father.’
I then started praying to God that whatever I was doing that would have made him love me this much, and my daughter could see and want a husband like me. I said ‘My Father, thank you.’

Chude: I think that’s one of the most powerful compliments a person can get.

Ayuba: It was like a Grammy award to me. I thank God for that.

Adewale Ayuba sits #WithChude
Adewale Ayuba

Chude: Obviously, your family is very important to you.

Ayuba: Yes, because there are a lot of prayers going on behind you that you don’t know about. You might think that you are perfect, but you are not at all. It might be because of your child, or the band boys – all the men performing with you. You don’t know where the blessing is coming from. So, don’t look down on anybody either your family or staff. That is me. A tree cannot make a forest and that’s what I know.

Chude: You said marriage changed your life. How?

Ayuba: It is already ordained in the bible, ‘Whoever finds a wife, finds a good thing.’ This is something you must do. Seeing that we have two ears, nostrils, and legs. So, you need a woman behind you.

They say, ‘behind a successful man, there must be a woman’. When you have peace in your house, you have peace in everything in life. I give glory to God for that.

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