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“A rollercoaster of emotions at the point of IVF, the reality of divorce and resigning from Mnet.”— Biola Alabi reflects deeply!

“A rollercoaster of emotions at the point of IVF, the reality of divorce and resigning from Mnet.”— Biola Alabi reflects deeply!

Jul 21, 2023

Today, on #WithChude, it’s the executive producer of Banana Island Ghost, Lara and the Beat, Former MD of Mnet Africa and my dear Aunty, Biola Alabi!

Intensely private, even though I didn’t know many of the things that my Aunty, the filmmaker and entrepreneur Biola Alabi shared with me in this interview.

She spoke so candidly, so powerfully about IVF, divorce, to leaving Mnet – while everyone thinks it’s a perfect life.

It’s the first time she is talking about this anywhere, to anyone. But what’s more special? She has reflected deeply, quietly about what it means and she shares it with me, and you, me this weekend.


“I was doing a lot of treatments for IVF, I was doing a lot of In Vitro Fertilization treatments because I wanted to get pregnant and so I just constantly felt like there was a lot of external things in my body all the time. And because I was doing quite a number of those treatments, there was just a lot going on from hormones to worrying, there was physical, there’s mental. And so that’s where it started, someone suggested to me that it would help the treatment and then I started this that it would help and when I went.

I could see why it would help because I tried inside and outside to heal from the inside. I didn’t want to be caviler about it, and I don’t want people to think I was being caviler about it but I was going through so many processes at the time that sometimes I would think I am, sometimes I would think I’m not.

Biola Alabi sits #WithChude
Nigerian Businesswoman Biola Alabi!

We would have a positive test, we would not have a positive test, I mean so many things were happening in your body at the time that you’re going through, it’s a rollercoaster.”


“Nobody understands the situation (divorce) and it’s hard when you’re friends with the person.

Literally, it wasn’t like I could go around saying this person was a horrible human being and that was hard. That was hard because we were on speaking terms and people would see us, and so it was confusing as well for people and it was also very personal, very private and then people forward you things. I mean, WhatsApp could not just let go!

People forward you things and you’re reading about something, although you’ve told yourself, “I’m not going to read this” and you’re reading it like, this doesn’t even feel like my life, doesn’t even feel like I know this person.

Sometimes people feel they know so much about you than you know about yourself.”


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