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A new Netflix Original By The Iconic Kunle Afolayan!

A new Netflix Original By The Iconic Kunle Afolayan!

Oct 14, 2023

So, Kunle tells me – I had completely forgotten before this – that the first time he met me, I was taking over his job in 2004 as Assistant Director on the set of reality TV show The Academy.

I should have taken a picture to record that moment. Because almost two decades from then, Kunle has become an icon, and I am a raving fan.

This pioneer of a new filmmaking tradition in Nigeria sat with me to discuss everything from his father’s legacy to Kunle’s fight to be received on his own terms, to why he calls himself ‘happy’ today.

And it wouldn’t be my show if we didn’t speak of the tough review I gave of his first film ‘Irapada’ those many years ago 😎.

As he releases yet another Netflix Original, I present my conversation with THE Kunle Afolayan.


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