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Yeni Kuti sits #WithChude.

Yeni Kuti sits #WithChude.

May 26, 2023

Yeni Kuti gave me the interview of a lifetime.

She speaks in a way she has never spoken before about the eternal Fela, about her iconic brother Femi, about her little brother Seun, and about her mother, whose book she has still not read because it’s too painful and about her uncle Olikoye who announces against their wishes that Fela died of AIDS.

This was an emotional interview that at some point she said was too difficult.

But all of those experiences – an absentee father, a long suffering mother, and a legendary family – have made her the bold woman she is now. One who defied a husband who wanted her to stop dancing, one who is clear that cheating is not a red line, one who is prepared to stay single for as long as she wants.

Life has taught her to do exactly what she wants, no matter what anybody’s thinks or says. In this forceful conversation, she teaches you why.

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