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What I Learned From Iyanya Is That Reconciliation Is Always Possible.

What I Learned From Iyanya Is That Reconciliation Is Always Possible.

Apr 18, 2023

I’ve known Iyanya and I’ve known Ubi for a long time – about 15 years – I met them together. And they had a very public falling out, very public falling out. Oh, they did interviews back and forth, back and forth.

You look at that kind of thing and think ah there’s no way these people are coming back together, no way! And people must have taken sides and that’s not a problem if people take sides, maybe somebody was wrong and somebody was right, but then reconciliation happened.

We are not perfect human beings. But there seem to be so many perfects people in the world – judging others harshly and with venom. I think that the reason why many people are unable to forgive them selves and others is because of the weight of their judgement.

But you look at these two people and the way that they had pitched their camps and it looks like reconciliation wasn’t going to happen, but Iyanya said, they’re back together they’re still imperfect … but they’ve grown.

Reconciliation is only possible when two people realize their imperfection. It is one of the best things about human beings – the fact that we can overcome hurt and pain and disappointment and come back together – and it’s such a thing of beauty to see, just to see that it’s possible, to see that it can happen:

I hope the reconciliation of Ubi and Iyanya, Of Peter and Paul, of all these public figures that we see every now and again reminds us of the love that is possible to be restored and gives us the humility to remember our imperfections as we point fingers at other people.

Let’s be human, together.

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