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“I regret getting married due to family pressure.” — Ini Edo sits #WithChude.

“I regret getting married due to family pressure.” — Ini Edo sits #WithChude.

Jun 24, 2023

Ini Edo, one of the original queens of Nollywood, joined me to talk about this fabulous life of courage and colour that she has lived.

We did this interview as an exclusive in the thick of the Shanty Town viral craze, but I held on to it, like fine wine, waiting for the moment when it would stand out, ring loud.

Ini has been in our faces and our lives for about two decades; and over the past few years as she has built businesses, joined government, weathered scandal, entered a marriage, left the marriage, and become a mother in the most courageous way possible, she has come fully into her own.

What did marriage teach her? Why did she choose surrogacy and own it so boldly? And what has she learnt about how to navigate the mud and the dirt of being in the arena?

Too many lessons. Too many highlights. Have a note pad ready.

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